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Missing 1-4 teeth?

Replacing just a few teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, a single implant or implant supported bridge is an effective solution that will also help preserve your remaining teeth and bone. A single implant looks and functions like your own tooth.

​We understand how important it is for your teeth to appear natural and remain functional. Your implant surgeon will assess your teeth and bone, and also take into consideration your lifestyle to find the best way to support your needs and restore your smile.

​It can be surprising the difference missing just one tooth can make, whether you start feeling self-conscious about your smile, or start missing your favourite foods as it has become uncomfortable for you to eat.

​Single tooth implant placement

​Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant is a far more conservative treatment for your teeth as it avoids the need to compromise adjacent healthy teeth to support a dental bridge.

The single implant retained crown emerges through your gum, giving it a more natural appearance. It is one of the most challenging replacement treatments, as the restoration needs to match and blend in with the natural teeth. We often arrange for the ceramist making your crown to examine you, allowing us to obtain the best match possible.

​It is often easier to keep the independent implant-retained crown or bridge clean than a tooth-supported bridge extending over several teeth.

​Replacing several teeth with dental implants

​In the case of several missing teeth, two or more implants would give support to a three unit or longer bridge. The number of implants required depends on the number of teeth and the location in the mouth (patients with a stronger bite may require more implants to spread the load).

​Groups of missing teeth can be replaced with an implant-supported bridgework. Preparation of neighbouring teeth is not required as the implant construction simply replaces the missing teeth.

Dental implant costs

Indicative guide only as individual plans may vary.

Initial consultation (basic examination and discuss your requirements): FREE

Diagnostics (includes: assessment, clinical photographs, models, x-rays): £75

CT Scan-£75

Implant Placement- £1475

Implant Crown- £1450

Bone Augmentation- £465

Bridge Abutment- £1175

Bridge Pontic- £950

Temporary Denture- £85

Staged Augmentation- £850

Full Lower – from £7950 (based on 2 implants & fully customised denture made with high impact acrylic)

Full Upper – from £10900 (based on 4 implants & fully customised denture made with high impact acrylic)

Teeth in a Day/ Full Arch Fixed Bridge:

Teeth in a day (Single)- £17500*

Teeth in day (Double)- £34000*

*Price Includes extractions, implants, temporary fixed bridge and fully customised zirconia bridge

Dental implant process

Implants provide a solution for everything from a single missing tooth to a complete set. Learn about the process and explore your options.

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