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How long do teeth implants last?

The greatest option for replacing missing teeth at the moment is dental implants. A dental implant can serve as the anchor for a bridge or dentures as well as replace a single tooth. Dental implants provide a number of advantages, one of which is their durability. The most durable tooth replacement option is an implant.

What is the lifespan of dental implants? Here is what to anticipate.

Dental implants have a lifetime lifespan

A dental implant typically lasts between 10 and 30 years. Accordingly, the likelihood that an implant will endure the rest of your life depends on your age at the time of installation. No other method of replacing teeth has that kind of durability. By getting a dental implant, you are investing in the long-term health of your mouth.

What Explains the Longevity of Dental Implants?

Why do dental implants survive as long as they do? They outlast other tooth replacement solutions for what reason? It’s a result of their layout.

An artificial tooth and root system are called dental implants. It is made up of a crown, an abutment, and an implant root. The implant root is a titanium post with ridges that resemble screw threads. In the jaw bone, the implant root is surgically implanted. A process known as osseointegration will cause titanium, a biocompatible material, to bind with bone. It takes a few months to complete, but once a strong relationship has been created, it can last for many years.

Crown might not last as long

An abutment and crown can be connected a few months after the implant root has been inserted and had a chance to completely fuse with the bone. The abutment is only a post for the crown to adhere to that extends through the gums from the root of the tooth. Typically, porcelain is used for the crown because it is strong and resembles natural tooth enamel.

The crown part of your dental implant may not survive as long as the implant root. Due to normal wear and tear, the crown may only last 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced. This is the typical duration, though it might last longer for certain people. The cost of replacing the crown once or maybe twice in your lifetime is not so important because it is far less than the cost of the entire dental implant.

What Can I Do to Extend the Life of My Dental Implant?

It does require some simple upkeep on your part for a dental implant to last for years. For instance:

You should tooth brush and floss. Maintain appropriate dental hygiene practices. You should floss once daily and brush your teeth twice daily. Not just individuals having dental implants are advised to do this. However, sustaining your dental implant depends on maintaining your teeth. Maintaining the health of your gums and other teeth, which immediately support your dental implant, while your implant is not susceptible to degradation.

Every six months, visit the dentist. Regular dental visits are also essential to the longevity of your implant. Maintaining healthy gums and clean teeth will help your implant stay firmly in place. These examinations also reveal any potential problems, including gum disease, that can endanger your implant.

Don’t smoke. One of the biggest risks to the health of your dental implant is smoking. Your implant may never solidify because it restricts blood flow in the gums’ blood capillaries, which can have an impact on both the healing and osseointegration processes.

Maintain a healthy way of living. Your overall health is crucial to maintaining good dental health. Bone health is essential because weakened bones may make your jaw less able to sustain your implant than it can your other teeth. With your doctor’s approval, take vitamins and supplements, especially calcium and potassium for healthy bones.

Erskine Dental dental implants

Erskine Dental can provide you this long-lasting tooth replacement option if you need one or more dental implants. In addition to supporting bridges and dentures with dental implants, we can insert single dental implants. Your dental implant could last a lifetime if it is installed carefully and precisely.


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